20 June 2005


The Prime Minister, during his comments on the elections yesterday, stated that the youth of Lebanon are not satisfied with the political environment during the elections. He said they were frustrated. These are the young men and women that took part in the demonstrations of 8 March and 14 March, and these are the young women and men who are driving the campaigns for the representatives (young and old), yet they don't like what they see, hear or smell.

Don't we all share the same sentiment. I hope that this is the beginning of a grassroot change away from corruption and sectarianism. At least then we can dream of a better future.

Young men and women, 18 years and older, should be allowed to vote. (We send them to the army and to wars, but when it comes to sharing in the political decision-making, we consider them too young?!!)

The Elections in Lebanon should be carried out in one day.
It should not be on the basis of sectarian representation.
The state should be secular.
There should be a limit to how much money a nominee can use.
These are among many changes that should be made...


Maya said...

I really enjoyed your blog Moussa. I'll link you up from mine. Keep up the good work and thanx again for the links.

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