18 June 2005


Election in our beloved Lebanon isn't just another thing. It’s a place where our “unique Lebanese formula” of looking at individuals as “species” belonging to one sect or another is manifested. We don’t have to emphasize here the popular belief that each sect has a taste or a flavor different from the other. It all boils down to Fattouch and Kebbi-Nayyi. It is difficult for a “citizen” to vote as an individual “citizen”. It is always: the Shiites have voted this; the Maronites will vote that, the Sunnis are going to get such and such positions. The rhetoric of the “politicians” has crossed all bounds of decency. Just watch one of those talk shows on local T.V. stations or radio stations. Where are the good old days when we used to object to the People being seen as numbers?!! Today the People are looked upon by our gifted “politicians” as 18 scoops of different flavored ice-cream, 18 peoples with eighteen votes for 128 parliamentarians. God Bless the Land of Ayran and Manakeesh.



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